Global management of the Cybersecurity framework

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CYS Management Services

Starting from an exhaustive knowledge of the business, processes and infrastructures that support them, we develop Cyber transformation plans, with the aim of protecting the critical assets of our Clients, implementing a global management of the Cybersecurity framework that allows us to manage and actively anticipate the different risk scenarios.

CYS Management Auditoria Consultoria


We analyse the cybersecurity situation to assess compliance with the rules, norms and standards. From here we will consider Consulting.

CYS Management Analisis Riesgos Ciber

Cyber risk analysis

We review the level of risk of your company, identifying and classifying the main weaknesses and the risks to be mitigated.


We accompany companies in digital transformation processes, aligning digital strategy with cybersecurity through the definition and implementation of plans.

CYS Management SOC


Work in Progress

CYS-Management Equipo Respuesta

CERT’s Response team

We develop preventive and reactive measures against cybersecurity attacks in information systems, based on the analysis of scenarios and lessons learned from detected attacks.

CYS Management Gestión Crisis

Crisis management cyber

We evaluate the resilience of the entities in the face of possible cyber crisis and carry out simulations to provide companies with a robust management model.

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