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Why CYS Management

The market is immersed in a vertiginous process of digital transformation, within an increasingly connected world, which brings with it the need to implement Cybersecurity models/solutions that are gradually more solid and cross-cutting throughout the organization.

CYS Management ciber amenazas

Cyber threats

The exponential growth of cyber-attacks in its different modalities.

Information leakage | Ramsonware | Phishing | Impersonation | DDOS Attack…

CYS Management Fraude interno-externo

Internal/external fraud

The numerous cases of fraud that cause economic and reputational losses in organizations

Economic impact | Risk for the reputation | Financial-Payments

CYS Management mundo conectado

Connected world

Online connectivity with numerous actors that intervene in the business and that open potential security breaches in our infrastructures.

The use of new technologies..

Suppliers | Third parties | Employees | Blockchain | Internet of things

CYS Management regulador


The proliferation of mandatory regulation, tedious to implement, but necessary to protect the safety and privacy of consumers.

Cybersecurity Law | Anti-Money Laundering | International regulations | RGPD | INCIBE and CNPIC…

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